Started in collaboration with my friend and fellow composer Bill Piyatut H., Tales of the Forgotten is a what we call a Visual Soundtrack Saga (VSS). Or in other words, a story you can read, listen to, and see. Since the project's inception in mid-2015, we have garnered fans from around the globe that whole-heartedly support TOTF and the progress we continue to make. Having began on Kickstarter, we started off with a small yet dedicated following, a following that showed us what this project could become and how we could share a part of ourselves with so many people around the world.




2183. The machines had taken control. Human civilizations slowly fell during the 17 years prior. Forced into the shadows out of fear and total extinction, they slowly recouped their resources over the years, and eventually, struck back across the globe. Fooled by their own mindset of superiority, the empires of the machines began crumbling one by one, and man took back what was once theirs. By making a vow to abandon technologies, humans eventually returned to a more primitive lifestyle, a lifestyle that AI were no longer a part of. 

Man was thriving once more. But what of the AI? And specifically, those of the original minority? The ones who sought for peace and harmony between races. Unfortunately, any effort to remedy the situation seemed futile; these creations were alone, scattered across the globe with no means of communication to the others who felt similar. Individually, each knew that there must be a way to regain the trust of humans and regress to the prosperity of coexistence, but the efforts of one would never make a difference. They had been forgotten not only by their own for not taking a stand, but also by their creators who deemed all AI to be a threat. All hope seemed lost. But determined, the brave would venture out of the shadows and into the very world that shattered all they once knew.





episode i: my status is living

The first episode of Tales of the Forgotten, "My Status is Living" explores the relationship of Iris, a machinery expert, and Rin, a young and naive robot companion built by Iris. Fearing for herself and Rin, whom she thinks of as her own child, Iris struggles with knowing she must leave the Grey Wastes, a mega-scrapyard she's been a part of for many years, and find others in an unknown world.


The second episode of Tales of the Forgotten, “Unexpected Guests” finds Aapo alone among an empty village and Rebourne Forest. After the pollution and downfall of civilization, Aapo is the only one left to nurture the ancient trees that can no longer sustain themselves. But when an unwelcomed group of humans arrives at the village, he has to decide which lives matter most: theirs, or the trees' to which he has dedicated his life's work. 

EPISODE iii: devolution

The third episode of Tales of the Forgotten, Devolution, follows Ezra, an ex-military machine trying to avoid violence at all costs, who lives alone in the sprawling city Ottumn. He keeps to himself aside from a small sphere of friends who he always keeps at an arm's length. When confronted by a sudden incident, he must weigh the outcomes of continuing the life he has led since the Revolution or contradicting his beliefs in order to keep them hidden.