Hello! My name is Dylan C. Jones. I am a composer and sound designer based in Los Angeles, California who works mainly within the film trailer industry. I also have experience in film scoring, virtual instrument sound design, mixing, and mastering. If you seek to hire me for any of these services, feel free to reach out to me via my contact page.


I began my composition career in high school writing cadences for my drum line and arrangements of various pop tunes for my marching band. Alongside that I also began to dabble in hybrid music, seeing as it was something that had always interested me. 

After I graduated from high school I attended the University of Cincinnati to receive a BMA in Commercial Music Production. While at UC I studied mainly jazz and classical while at the same time exploring avenues of contemporary songwriting and film scoring. In my spare time during college I would practice my production skills, often writing whatever came to mind in Logic. Halfway through my college career I was selected to be a participant at the NYU/ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop in New York where I received the guidance of many industry professionals and fellow composers. After coming back from a fairly successful New York journey, I was fortunate enough to begin writing for trailer music libraries such as Really Slow Motion and Dos Brains. 

For the past two years I have been writing for these publishers as well as doing the occasional short film score or mastering gig. Since graduating from UC, I have relocated to Los Angeles to pursue further opportunities in the entertainment industry.